Therapeutic Exercises

Our exercise library consists of particular exercises that we use to assist your recovery.  In early stages of your care, we determine which exercises provide immediate reduction in your pain when you perform them during your visit.  Those exercises that ease your pain become part of your therapeutic exercise prescription and home exercise program.  They will provide you pain relief by helping to correct the underlying movement fault that helped cause the pain in the first place.  You will want to refer back to these sheets often.

For those exploring this library who are not yet patients of Malta Chiropractic and Sports Rehab, it is our pleasure to share this resource with you.  But, as we have not evaluated you for which exercise you need, please be aware that not all exercises may be appropriate to your needs.  

Please be aware that an important exercise principle, for all, is that your form during the exercise is of paramount importance, and you never want to perform an exercise in a manner or range that increases your pain.

great video about back pain

Here is a wonderful overview video about essential information about back pain.  We teach these principles during your time with us to help you feel better faster and to learn how to decrease your risk of future pain.

Healthy Back tips from the master

 Professor Stuar McGill, PhD is one of the worlds leading spine researchers and clinicians, having helped many of the greatest athletes recover from back pain.  Here are very important tips from this great doctor.